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Guitar Lessons | Electric Bass Lessons, Ukulele Lessons | Artist development, Aural Lessons, Song Writing Workshops, Theory Lessons, Composition Lessons, Jazz Improvisation Lessons, Mixing and Mastering Lessons, Online Lessons

  • Qualifications: BA Music Theory, BA Jazz Studies (concentration in Jazz Guitar), Music and Entertainment Business Certificate, Apple Logic Pro X Certification
  • Pricing: £53/hr
  • Styles: Jazz, Rock, Hard Rock, Folk, Pop
  • Suitability: All ages and abilities


// My Training:

I hold a BA in Music Theory Summa Cum Laude from Kennesaw State University where I studied with Dr.Benjamin Wadsworth & Dr.Jeffery Yunek. I have several published works (Music Theory Spectrum, Eastman’s Integral) in the field of musicology with a focus on contemporary popular music and hip-hop.

I hold a second BM degree in Jazz Studies with a concentration in Jazz Guitar. I studied under guitarist & composer Trey Wright and classical guitarists Mary Akerman and Sean Thrower.

I also studied piano under composer & jazz pianist Tyrone Jackson. And I was also enrolled in the Joel A. Katz Music and Entertainment Business program.

I am Apple certified in the latest version of ‘Logic Pro X‘ digital audio production software. And I have worked in live venues, studios, theaters, concert halls, clubs, churches, hotels, private residences and have performed across the Southeast United States and overseas (Fontainebleau, France; Otzenhausen, Germany).

In fact, I have been performing and writing music since my teens and had no other profession other than a music-maker in mind before I even enrolled in music school.

Thanks to my own great mentors (and teachers!) I have had the privilege to work as a professional musician & recording engineer, while teaching and learning, myself, from a growing community of music-learners.

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Teaching Info

// What I’m offering:

| Each session is designed around a student’s individual needs. |

Students need not be of any certain ability. Just respectful, curious, and dedicated to cultivating their own personal, musical voice.

| I have worked with students from ages 5 to 63 of skill levels and abilities. |

There is level of proficiency in music that cannot be improved through the exchange of ideas and approaches. Personally, I am constantly working to better my craft and my relationship with music (-the eternal student!). So, I gel with students that also have that desire to explore their own musicality long-term and life-long. And those who might benefit from improved mental acuity also gleaned from the study of music.

AMS scholars aren’t just guitarists, pianists, bassists.

| First & foremost, we’re musicians. |


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Simon is incredible! He has been giving my older son guitar lessons & my younger son piano lessons. He is very talented and a wonderful instructor. I can’t say enough good things about him. I highly, highly recommend him!

Marcy B.

Simon is fantastic to work with. He meets you where you are and makes guitar fun. He challenges you and is knowledgable, patient, and versatile. I highly recommend him!

Emily S.

If you are thinking about learning to play an instrument, Simon Needle is your guy. I am learning to play guitar with his guidance, and I could not be happier. His ability to teach the way I learn is amazing. I highly recommend stepping into, or furthering, your musical journey here.

Jason E.

I am an horrible compulsive and analytical overthinker, and I really like the way that Simon puts things into perspective compared to other sources of information and lessons found on the internet. He has a good personality and has a good energy that really helps you connect with what you are doing. I would FOR SURE recommend him!

Robert G.

I'm glad I found a teacher as patient, friendly and knowledgable as Simon. Walked me through music theory, as well as the details of the guitar. I was nervous about picking up an instrument but I am now pretty confident I can learn how to play the guitar. Thanks for the great lessons and I look forward to many more!

Athina N.

Simon helped revitalize my relationship to playing and writing music. His approach to guitar study lingered on its enjoyment and exploration of the instrument. And he open and flexible about guiding our lessons to my own tastes. The pacing of his lessons and his ceaseless encouragement kept me going when my frustrations with the instrument were high. It was a much-needed driver to enjoy my own playing and craft songs and compositions for others. He got me out of method books and random YouTube lessons and into seeking out other musicians to create with.

Fergus O.

I have a five year old, and wanted to begin laying the foundation of her musical education. Simon's ability to create a fun environment that is also amenable to real progress in her learning is unmatched. It is not uncommon for our lessons to begin with a bit of whining outside of the studio doors, but within minutes, my daughter is fully immersed in the wonderful world of music, and leaves her lesson singing and strumming her ukulele. Simon has an abundance of musical talent, more than sufficient for teaching students of any age. What sets him apart from other teachers is his ability to communicate his knowledge and appreciation of the musical arts. His attitude is contagious! I am incredibly pleased with how he interacts both with my daughter as well as helping me to understand what is being taught and what to work on at home throughout the week. We love being your students. Thank you, Simon!

Josiah T.

My time with Ansley Guitar Studio has been wonderful! I've only had a few lessons so far, but I have learned so much. Definitely planning to book more lessons!

Damontae S.

Loving this teacher! He is patient, thorough, and makes sure I understand before moving on to the next concept. I now feel comfortable both reading music and playing guitar outside of lessons, and I even get compliments from friends and family! Highly recommend.

Malissa A.

Simon is a patient instructor with young children. He covers fundamentals and makes sure that those are achieved before moving on to the next concept. He emphasizes that music is more about exploration and not necessarily a destination. He is reliable in that he is timely to individual lessons and adheres to a regular and consistent lesson schedule, which is great for parents. After trying a number of different instructors, I have finally found an instructor and platform which produces consistent results for my daughter. To my surprise, on-line lessons have worked worked beautifully with a laptop and simple web camera.

Melody M.

Me and Simon just clicked from the start. He really sets you up to succeed from the beginning, emphasizing proper technique in a constructive yet encouraging manner. Looking forward to continuing my playing journey with him.

Eduardo S.

I came to Ansley wanting to learn how to play “you’re dead” by 60s cult-funk artist Norma Tanega. It momentarily became my favorite song after watching that vampire show on FX. Professor Needle brought back to reality, having me start off with some chords and whatnot. He is the real deal, he can read music and everything. Not just some dude trying to teach you TAB in his basement. Anyway, after a few months of practice, I was finally able to get it down, and let me tell you, guitar has changed my life. It has been there for me in ways that I couldn’t imagine an inanimate object could. Some darker times. Anyway Professor Needle is also a really cool guy, he always had lacroixs available at in-person lessons before the rona, and he’s a cat guy so no scary dogs or anything like that on site. I have much love for the man. Currently, I’m trying to learn “enter sandman” by Metallica, and I’m sure I’ll get there with the help of professor Needle! Thanks g!

Riley D.

I've been taking lessons from Simon for a few months now and I love it. He's really helped me understand the underlying fundamentals of playing music and it's really helped me learn and improve. When I jam with friends they'll frequently comment on how much I've improved since we last played and it's entirely because of Simon's great teaching. If you're looking at learning the guitar or improving how you play I really recommend signing up for a lesson or three

Liam F.

Simon is so incredibly patient w/ my daughter couldn’t ask for a better instructor

Rojas V.

Simon was great to have as a teacher! He really helped me understand the "why" behind techniques and chords. I highly recommend him!

William K.

Simon is an incredible teacher and an even more amazing human. Great instruction for our entire family (ages 6 to old), amazing 'bedside manner' mixed with the right amount of accountability. Simon has become a weekly staple in our home and we couldn't be happier.

Billy H.

Simon is a such a talented guitarist and very patient. He encouraged me to learn a new song which is now one of my favorites to play! He is such a pleasure to work with. I know that you will have a great experience with him as well!

Amy W.

Simon Needle has been teaching my 10-year-old daughter guitar (and a little bit of bass) for a couple of years ‎now, and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for a teacher for their child. She seems to really ‎respond to his approach- he is reliable, an expert on the instrument, ‎and also patient and unintimidating (as you have to be with young kids). He also made the transition from in-‎person lessons to virtual seamlessly, allowing my daughter to continue learning during the pandemic.‎ If you have a child interested in the guitar, I would highly recommend giving Simon a call. ‎

Sean H.

Our family has taken up music lessons over the pandemic. Simon does a great job teaching music over Zoom, and we can’t wait to transition to in person lessons soon! Great value for his lessons.

Robert H.
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