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Dominic Edmonds

Dominic Edmonds

145B Stapleton Hall Road, London, UK

Piano Lessons | Electric Bass Lessons, Keyboard Lessons | Theory Lessons, Composition Lessons, Jazz Improvisation Lessons

  • Qualifications: Bmus (Hons) Music 2:1, Goldsmiths University
  • Pricing: £25/hr
  • Styles: Jazz, Popular music, Classical
  • Suitability: 7+


I am Music graduate from Goldsmiths UoL who loves sharing my passion for music. My primary study is arrangement and composition having worked with animators and filmmakers to compliment this. I come from a musical background and have always played the piano as a gateway into all other elements of music. I have performed professionally in both London and Oxford playing solo Jazz piano and in an assortment of groups. For me personally music theory and playing the piano has been one of the most interesting areas of study and I am enthusiastic to pass on all that I have learnt.

Teaching Info

I start with the assumption that every student will have at least one area of music that fascinates them. Working from this I build core skills and knowledge of music and the piano to allow the student a level of independence when approaching new pieces. I cover traditional and non-traditional ways of learning music such as aural learning or chord sheets giving the student the ability to explore other genres and styles. I do however ensure competence in traditional methods as a jumping off point, this includes an understanding of the theory behind a piece to take it from a learning exercise to personal musical performance.

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