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Jem Cooper

Jem Cooper

Rushdale Road, Meersbrook, Sheffield, UK

Guitar Lessons | Theory Lessons, Online Lessons

  • Qualifications: Trinity College London Classical Guitar Grade 8
  • Pricing: £35 per hour
  • Styles: Classical, Fingerstyle, Electric Guitar
  • Suitability: All ages


My own guitar journey began way back in the 1990s when I got my first guitar and started copying Nirvana riffs. I picked up a few things up from friends, and went on to play in a number of different bands, mostly in a rock/metal style, gigging around the UK. As I got older I got the bug for fingerpicking steel string guitar and went on to take classical guitar lessons, getting my Grade 8 in classical guitar. I started teaching friends, quite informally but then realised it was something I really loved and wanted to do more. For the last few years I’ve been teaching from my home studio and at a private music school in Sheffield and have never loved any job as much.

I have gained valuable experience in education through working as a teaching assistant in primary and secondary schools, and as a learning mentor at Get Sorted Academy of Music in Rotherham. I also spent a few years working with people who have learning disabilities and autism, running music sessions and enabling people to participate and enjoy music. Music is for everyone!

Teaching Info

My approach to teaching always begins with finding out where you’re at and what you’d like to achieve. From there I will tailor a programme of lessons to suit your level and with clearly defined goals along the way. Each lesson is planned to fit within that framework and get you towards your goal.

I have a particular love for Classical/Spanish guitar, and fingerstyle playing. The sound of a nylon string guitar is so warm and rich, and even under the banner of ‘Classical’ you can find music written and performed by people from every continent, across hundreds of years of music. Add to that the shimmer and brightness of steel-string acoustic, and a similarly global treasure trove of music, and you’ve got enough to keep you hooked for many lifetimes!

As well as styles and technique, I enjoy teaching sight reading (though it’s by no means a requirement for being a musician), songwriting, music theory, transcribing (figuring songs out by ear and being able to write them down), playing together and jamming – if it’s relevant to you I’ll build it into your lessons.

"I've been back and forth with the guitar for many years and decided to start having lessons with Jem in a attempt to improve my knowledge and ability on the guitar. Jem tailor made the sessions to support my level of ability. I would highly recommend Jem as a tutor."


"Jem is a brilliant teacher! Seems to know exactly what I need to do to progress forward. When I started with Jem I wasn’t a novice but I wouldn’t say I was an intermediate either. Jem helped me put all my knowledge together and it’s made me a much happier guitarist."


"Jem discussed with my daughter what she was hoping to achieve from her lessons. She enjoyed her guitar lessons and learnt and improved in skill quickly."

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