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  • Qualifications: MSc. civil Engineering , Grade 7. Piano ABRSM , Grade. 7 Violin ABRSM. , Grade 4 Viola ABRSM , Grade 5 theory. ABRSM
  • Pricing: £25/h
  • Suitability: From 4years old and all ages , Level primary , Grade 1- 4


Mazin`s Achievement

Musical Achviements


I am Chartered Civil Engineer , and I am professional Music producer Composer Singer , multi instrumental Musician ; and a Music Teacher.

I speak two language fluently English and Arabic. plus the music Language .

I enjoy very much teaching , my approach is to.establish very good interaction environment.

Also my objectives to maintain good interaction with my students , full of focus but with joy and fun ,to understand the core foundation and core principle of Music .

I work hard with my students to assist them to recognise the importance of consistency and practicing I provide a lot of Exercises in music theory and Practical , to enhance development and to monitor the the progress of my students.

The hour lesson will be followed up with a various exercises .

I allocate. the Level of exercises to my students based on the their Development path.

My Students from all ages vary from 4years upward.

I prepare my students to pass ABRSM exams grades ( theory and Practical ). and Primary , KSI ,and GCSE. Level.

I teach also Arabic. music with wide range. of instruments and styles and beats , I teach music production. using Logic Pro software .

;My Musical Achievements.

I won The National. Competition of playing Accordion and composing for. Age of 10 years old Twice in 1986 &;;;1987 .

I produced My. first album”MAZIN MUZIK ” combined 13 Tracks of my compositions instrumental music .

in USA in 2008 with Perfect record label , I recorded with Terry Hall the Album “Power of Two Lights ” with. Sonny Record Label .

I am planing to apply for Gunnies Record for Playing 40 instruments show.

I Performed Twice in Royal Albert Hall .

I established my own Record Label Mazin Abu Sayf LTD on 2018 I am on the process of applying for Gunnies Records to perform 40 instruments in one Music Show.

I am member of PRS , PPL and Musician Union.

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