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Rosamund Noll

Rosamund Noll

Shawlands, Glasgow, UK

Violin Lessons | Keyboard Lessons, Piano Lessons, Viola Lessons | Aural Lessons, Theory Lessons, Online Lessons

  • Qualifications: BA hons, CPGS Solo Performance
  • Pricing: £40 per hour /£20 per half hour
  • Styles: Classical, popular and traditional
  • Suitability: All ages and abilities - from beginners to advanced pupils preparing for exams. college auditions or entry into the profession.


I have played the violin professionally since I left RSAMD (now RCS), working extensively with symphony, chamber, ballet, baroque and session orchestras across the UK.  I work regularly with string quartets for concerts and occasions and also enjoy playing for more diverse musical gentres in arena concerts and as a backing musician on pop muisc recordings.

I have been teaching violin, piano and music theory since I was a student and have developed my teaching style over that time.

As a pianist I can accompany my pupils for their exams and am often called upon to do so for colleagues.

Qualifications: BA Hons, CPGS solo performance Trained in London, Lyon and Glasgow

Violin: Pavel Crisan (GSMD), Frances Mason (RCM),Veronique Riou (CNSM Lyon), Edwin Paling (RSAMD), Jerre Gibson and Anthony Moffat

Piano: Joyce Hedges (TCM), Rita Dawkins (RCM)

Teaching Info

I believe in treating every pupil as an individual and tailor lessons accordingly. I use a mixture of styles of music (classical, popular and traditional) according to the wishes and needs of the pupil. I teach all ages and abilities, working as happily with very young beginners and adult learners as with advanced pupils preparing for exams, college auditions and entry into the profession.

Holding the violin and bow correctly can be challenging to master at first.  Not only is it important to get this right as early as possible to make any progress more comfortable it is also crucial in a growing child.  I take great care in this area with beginners and have particular experience helping people who come to me with existing ‘set-up’ issues.   I strive to create relaxation and physical balance in order to develop a technique which allows someone to play comfortably and without pain for the rest of their life.

I have experience working with students with a variety of additional support needs and have seen firsthand how much learning an instrument can contribute to confidence and progress in mainstream curricular subjects at school and in general.

When COVID-19 pushed all teaching online I discovered, after initial scepticism, how well it could work. I therefore continue to offer online lessons to those pupils who live further away or for whom family situations make even short-distance travel difficult.

I am proud that many of my pupils who have left to go to music college, university, work or moved away for other reasons have continued with their playing in their new lives. I aspire to ensure that everyone I teach leaves me a happy and confident musician at whatever level they have achieved.

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