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The London Singing Institute

The London Singing Institute

21 Fleet Street, London, UK

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Conveniently located in the heart of The City of London and ran by world-class musicians, The London Singing Institute is a fabulous vocal academy for adults.

Whether you are new to music or whether you are a proficient amateur singer, you are most welcome to start your singing lessons with us at any time during the year.

Our singing lessons take place weekly on a set day and time to provide you with the structure necessary to your progress.

Teaching Info

At The London Singing Institute, we always ensure that all our singing students are well-catered for. Your singing lessons will take place in a relaxed and non-judgmental environment very suitable for adult learners.

You will never be criticised negatively. On the contrary, your singing teacher will constantly encourage you and support you along your musical journey.

We are proud to say that we strictly work with outstanding singing teachers to ensure the highest quality vocal tuition for adults available in London and the United Kingdom.

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