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The Music Psychotherapist

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Clarinet Lessons | Flute Lessons, Saxophone Lessons | Online Lessons

  • Qualifications: Master of Arts in Music and Music Psychology, ABRSM Grade 8
  • Pricing: £16 (30min lesson)
  • Suitability: Age 16+


Hey there, I’m Jacob (he/his). Otherwise known as @themusicpsychotherapsit. I’m a music psychologist and trainee psychotherapist based in the UK. I research how music affects the brain, the mind, and the soul. Check out my website and socials to learn more about me and my journey!

Teaching Info

What are wellbeing lessons?

Lessons are dedicated to your wellbeing, rather than grading your ‘musical ability’. Personal goals in your musical journey as well as the health and wellbeing aspects of learning a woodwind instrument will be the focus of lessons.

Why Woodwind for Wellbeing?

There are many studies which support the idea that learning a woodwind instrument can improve wellbeing. Reasons for this range from the benefits of mindfully breathing, to the rewards of learning a new skill.

What will I get out of lessons?

Sessions are designed to create a safe space to learn something new, each lesson will be structured specifically on your individual needs. Your personal goals and requirements for learning will be taken into account at all times.

How are the lessons run?

Lessons are virtual and taught online via video calling software.

“I started learning to play the clarinet with Jake almost two years ago now as a sort of COVID passion project and it has proven to be one of the most beneficial things for my well-being I’ve ever done. Jake has been so patient and helpful in guiding me through music, and in so doing has given me a method of self-expression that I wasn’t even aware was available to me before. All in all, I couldn’t recommend Jake’s service enough, he really is a natural teacher and I hope you enjoy playing music with him as much as I do!"


"I wanted to learn the Clarinet but being “mature” I didn’t have much confidence and was worried that I would make a fool of myself. I couldn’t have been more wrong, Jake is an incredibly patient teacher, happy to break things down and repeat as often as is necessary. He was very encouraging, calm and positive but we were also able to have a laugh and keep things relaxed. Jake also gave me some breathing exercises as I was recovering from prolonged pneumonia. The effect was amazing, the exercises saw off the remains of the breathing problems I had! Jake is a wonderful nurturing teacher, making every lesson enjoyable."

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