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Vocalize Studio- Vocal Coaching and Mentoring

Vocalize Studio- Vocal Coaching and Mentoring

26 Bridge Street, Aberystwyth, UK

Singing Lessons | Artist development, Ensemble Coaching, Song Writing Workshops, Jazz Improvisation Lessons, Online Lessons

  • Qualifications: MA Professional Voice Practice, BA Drama & Performance
  • Pricing: from £35
  • Styles: contemporary, jazz, blues, pop, folk, rock, musical theatre, spoken word
  • Suitability: 6+, from beginners to professional


Welcome to Vocalize Studio!

Discover the transformative world of singing and voice lessons designed for all ages, abilities, and levels – yes, including professionals! Unleash your vocal potential with lessons tailored precisely to your aspirations and strengths. Dive into expanding your vocal range, mastering the secrets of vocal health and robust voice usage, building remarkable vocal stamina, boosting your self-assurance, experimenting with diverse vocal techniques and styles, and achieving conscious and reliable control over your voice.

What’s more, you’ll elevate your performance skills by taking part in our dynamic singers’ concerts and events. All this, with no prior music experience or reading skills required. Elevate your voice – let’s make your journey extraordinary!

Teaching Info

Within the realm of my teaching style, students can expect a relaxed and goal-oriented approach. Together, we set specific objectives, honing in on technical exercises tailored to individual needs while exploring the student’s chosen repertoire. My lessons are designed to be both enriching and enjoyable, creating a space where beginners and advanced students alike can thrive. Emphasising a technique-driven foundation rooted in the Estill Voice Training method, I guide students towards a holistic understanding of healthy and efficient voice use. Whether you’re looking to develop your vocal prowess, refine your skills, or explore diverse genres, each lesson is a personalised journey tailored to your aspirations and strengths.

I absolutely loved going to the singing sessions, Magda made them really fun and it was a pressure free environment where you can learn at your own pace. I always left the class smiling and relaxed, learning something new and having a little more confidence in myself. I've learnt so much in the time I've been going to the sessions. Magda's patience and expertise has taken me from a complete beginner with little confidence in my voice to happily singing out some of my favourite tunes, using technique lightly learned along the way to really enjoy exploring a vocal range I never dreamed existed. Highly recommend her sessions.


I had an incredible experience in the beginners group singing yesterday! We each sang a song of our choice and it felt like such a safe space, completely free of judgement. It allowed me to push myself to sing through my anxiety. I felt welcomed to be a part of the group and it was so lovely to also hear people singing different genres of music! I felt each one of us got great feedback and instruction from Magda which allowed us to really open up. This truly was a one of a kind experience and I highly recommend, especially if you have a fear of singing. Thank you so much Magda, I look forward to the next session!


After series of individual lessons with Magda in 2017 to prepare me for BIMM audition ( and I got in), and few choir sessions I've decided to join lessons with Magdalena again but this time as a group activity and it was a gist! I was really worried I'd be nervous in front of others but I was wrong, everything really flowed. First of all Magda blown my mind with mindfulness session at the start of the lesson. I was not expecting this. This instantly put me in a place where I could actually learn and not worry about my anxieties. This was a tremendous breakthrough compared to any other singing lessons I had with other other teachers in the past. I felt I was heartfelt supported and confident to really sing my heart out. Thank you Magda, I can't express through words only how much this means to me after years of not being able to voice my singing out. Perhaps I will express it with music on my next lesson. Magda created a relaxed environment where I could finally feel safe enough to open up with my singing, share feedback with others and really evolved since we first started in 2017.


Magda is a very good vocal coach. She is patient and understanding and really knows how to boost a singers confidence. My voice has improved alot over the past ten months and continues to do so. Everybody needs different things to aide in improving both the singing and the performance aspect and Magda really tries to tailor the lessons to suit each individual and so I don't feel like I'm being given a generic template to learn from but instead im learning from my own experiences through my performances. I would recommend Magda to anybody who wants a coach with a good attitude and whom targets qualities that already exist within a singers voice, aiming to build upon them rather than removing or replacing them. Magda also arranges online and in person events which provide a fantastic platform for singers with little or no experience. Not only do they build confidence but they also provide opportunities to network with other aspiring singers and musicians, provide a source for ideas and allow singers with low self esteem to showcase their talents in a safe and progressive way. The cost of the lessons is more than fair. Less than half of what it costs for tutors/coaches that are nowhere near as easy to get along with and relate to. If you're thinking of purchasing but you're worried that you're not going to get good value for money then really, dont hesitate. I procrastinated for a couple of months and later realised that Magda is a genuinely lovely and super competent coach with a great passion for helping others to achieve and surpass their performance goals.


I would highly recommend Vocalize Studio for anyone interested in learning to sing or practicing it's on a professional level. Great experience and lasting satisfaction.


Excellent personalised tuition from an enthusiastic tutor.


I have been working with Magda for a few months now and have learnt an awful lot about my voice and how I have been tricking my body with lazy techniques for years... It really has been a revelation to learn from her. I can feel my voice strengthening and am beginning to understand just how much I don't yet know about how to sing with contol and precision. A real voyage of discovery with such a likeable and charming woman. She is clearly enthused about her work and I know I am going to be under her tutelage for sometime yet because I can feel the benefits, it's demonstrable. Highly recommend.

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